360 Degree Video of “The Lion King” Released

Facebook alongside GoPro announced a few weeks back the introduction of a brand new technology which allowed for users to view “360-Degree Videos”. This videos work by either moving your finger on a touch screen, moving the mouse on the video or moving your phone. Regardless of which way this technology is already being critically acclaimed by Facebook users.

The Lion King

The most recent video to be released is based around “The Lion King”, not the movie addition though but instead its Broadway counterpart. The “Circle of Life”, one of the most famous Elton John songs created specifically for the Lion King film is the main attraction of this video. Viewers are able to see angles from the backstage, left, right, upstage and more. This provides seating that not even the biggest of Broadway fans have ever experienced before.

These new videos are starting to be called “Virtual World Videos” as there has never been a video such as this before. These virtual videos are created by a half a dozen GoPro Cameras that are mounted on a stand and then filmed by whomever is using that GoPro device. There have already been more than two dozen of these films created with dozens of more slated to be released in the future.

This form of technology could very well become one of the highlights of 2015, let alone the decade. It has the potential to entirely change how we interact with Broadway, musicals, concerts and so much more. Especially if these videos are able to go Live in the future.