An Act of God Gaining Bad Reviews

An Act of God Gaining Bad Reviews

An Act of God is the new Broadway Play that’s starring Jim Parsons but it seems that this new Broadway event is already gaining horrible reviews. This play has Jim Parsons play as himself but he is then taken over by the will of god and he becomes god himself.

Reviewers have begun to state that this is a self-arrogant play that only confirms what is rumored about him on “The Big Bang Theory”, that much like his character on the show he lives to be special and feel divine. Though this play has an occasional laugh here and there you can’t help but to think the entire time that this play is all about making Mr. Parsons feel better about himself.

Act of God

On top of that this play seems to make major jokes towards the Catholic & Christian Religions, making jokes towards those who believe in the religion by using the bible or giving a long-winded sermon. This has had reviewers stating that for someone who is gay he is ignorant of others beliefs or choices, making him seem far less intelligent than he likes to believe he is.

There have been many who have begun to stand outside of Broadway in order to boo or show their hate towards Jim Parsons for him lack of respect. This in the process only showed that these people are no better than Mr. Parsons himself. We shall keep you posted as to what happens with this horrendous play.

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