Broadway Shows

This site is created to present the best possible Broadway show information with listings that offers the top shows, the best musicals and the top earners. Broadway shows brings sparkling entertainment to stages around the Globe.

The ten top musical shows in London gives British theatre goers a guideline of shows not to be missed and briefly discuss the storylines of the most outstanding musicals. If you are an Abba music fan then Mamma Mia would tickle your fancy and the Elton John fans will love shows like Billy Elliot and the popular Lion King. Michael Jackson fans will most certainly not want to miss out on the show called Thriller, which offers 2 hours of non-stop hits from the King of Pop.

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The best Broadway Shows ever is offered in a list of the best, but be warned this list is offered in no particular order as it is as hard as choosing your favourite child to pick just one of the shows that each brings its own magic to the stage. Phantom of the Opera is the longest running show while Lion King is the longest running musical. The Producers show has won 12 Tony Awards and Chicago is based on true events.

With only a few actors able to pull the audience we celebrate some of the biggest names in Broadway and split the list in two to give both males and female superstars the place they deserve. Meet the stage hero’s and get an insight in what they have done for Broadway.

The best Broadway show tunes are not only heard on stage, some songs just really stands out, from the thirties to the fifties were the main sources of major pop singer’ repertories. Famous singers sang their own version of the top tunes including Bing Cosby, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and The Beatles. Louis Armstrong’s version of Hello Dolly was an all-time hit with his Dixieland spin. A memorable version of Till There Was You was recorded by The Beatles in a memorable version. Even today songs from Wicked and The Phantom of the Opera still makes their appearance in shows like American Idols.

The Tony Award is the most prestigious awards any Broadway performer can be rewarded and we celebrate with the superstars who achieved the top honour and the plays that is the core of entertainment on the stage. Special recognition also includes the costume designers and backstage team.

Some of the most famous stars started off on Broadway stages, including Meryl Streep, quite a few often re-visits the spotlight that only the stage offers. Some of the famous stars turns to the stage for the first time after they reached stardom on the big screen, including Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Gardner, Julia Roberts and Brooke Shield and many more.

Put your money on the best show, a full list of the top earning shows surprises with astronomical grosses. Alongside the huge grosses we also features some of the Broadway actors who are now worth million and list the top ten starting with actors worth $15 million and end with the top Broadway started actor who is now worth $100 million. Best of all he is back on stage!

Broadway stages have always allowed freedom of speech and act, but there were a few shows that pushed the boundaries over the years and a very interesting look at those controversial productions is offered with some still in play today.