Broadway’s newest sweetheart?

Broadway’s newest sweetheart?


When Wicked premiered in 2003, nobody expected the kind of dedicated fan-following it would develop. These fans are so dedicated that they patiently waited for a decade, for their Elpheba to make her return to Broadway. Except, a lot had changed in the mean time. Idina Menzel had come a long way, what with an Academy Award and all the fame that goes along with it.


Idina Menzel’s fame has a lot to do with “Let It Go”, the song that won her an Oscar, and the song that people will just not stop covering. Menzel’s Oscar fame might have had something to do with the fact that John Travolta could not pronounce her name. She has taken that in her stride though- claiming that Travolta’s name flub just made people talk about her more, which she is glad about.


“Let it Go” is certainly one of Menzel’s best. Long-time fans of her’s would recognize the fact that it sounds a lot like “Defying Gravity”, one of her songs as Elpheba from Wicked. Frozen shot Menzel to new levels of fame- a feat she is extremely proud of. Menzel believes that as a woman, she is always racing against time, and achieving fame as a 40 year old woman is something that one should be proud of.

Menzel returned to Broadway after a whole decade, playing the lead in If/Then, a musical about choices and possibilities. The musical managed to cross the much cherished mark in the box-office and stands a chance of getting nominated for the Tonys as well. Even though the play was panned by the critics, Menzel received positive feedback.


It certainly looks like Idina Menzel is back in the game and is here to stay. Broadway will never be the same.


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