China Doll Previews Have Begun!

China Doll Previews Have Begun!

China Doll is an upcoming Broadway presentation that is highly anticipated throughout all of New York City. Al Pacino, one of the most famous actors in the world will be premiering in this Broadway show. It’s suspected that China Doll will be one of the most profitable Broadway shows to be released yet. This’ll be thanks to Al Pacino himself as his various acting roles such as Scarface will bring in a brand new audience.

China Doll

This new Broadway Play is about a man by the name of Mickey Ross (Al Pacino), he stands as a billionaire in the world and recently he’s bought a play for his fiancé thanks to his imminent retirement & the future time they’d have together. Unfortunately as he is leaving the office for the last time, he picks up the phone which causes for a major change in his life in a manner of seconds. There are even actors in the play and outside of the play who’ve stated that this is the best Broadway event they’ve ever attended. If this is the case then Al Pacino will make his mark of Broadway as one of the best Hollywood actors to ever grace the stage.

China Doll is running for a limited time which is the norm within the NYC Broadway realm. A total of ninety seven performances will be held at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre from November 19th. Hopefully the hype for this Broadway performance is everything it’s stated to be as Broadway will once again adhere to a new generation.

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