Harry Potter Play Being Released in 2 Parts

Harry Potter is by far one of the most popular movie & book series in history. It was the first film in a movie series to ever do two parts for its final installment. It seems that J.K. Rowling is doing this once again as she tweeted out this week that the new play that she’s working on called “Harry Potter and The Cursed Child” will be released in two different parts.

Harry Potter

This means that whomever watches the first part of the play will have to wait until the first part is out of Broadway, then they’ll have to wait for all actors to memorize their new lines & roles within the second part before they can put part two onto the stage. This has caused for a lot of upset for fans as many die hard Harry Potter fans were going to travel to the United Kingdom in order to watch this play. This’ll no longer be an option as the time period between part one and part two could be a maximum of a year.

Doing a play, a movie or a video game in two parts allows for the story to be told in a much deeper way. This is something that J.K. Rowling has always known which is why she insisted that the last installment in the Harry Potter movie franchise be split into two films. She didn’t want to see her final book be diminished due to the lack of screen time.
Regardless this play will receive millions upon millions of dollars in profit. It’ll most likely become one of the most beloved plays on British Broadway & will make its way throughout the world.

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