Hugh Jackman Returning to Broadway

Hugh Jackman Returning to Broadway

Hugh Jackman, a Tony & Oscar award winning actor is set to take the stage again on Broadway. Instead of it being the famous NYC Broadway it is instead going to be at the Australian Broadway at the Sydney Theatre. This new performance is a retelling of his most famed Broadway portrayal “Broadway to Oz”, he’ll essentially be playing the same role with a few tweaks.


Mr. Jackman has made multiple mentions that he has wanted to return to “Broadway to Oz” for a number of years now and it seems his dreams of doing so are now a reality. Mr. Jackman is currently a busy individual as he is nearly finished completing the last “Wolverine” movie he will ever star in. Jackman has played the Wolverine for twenty years, a role that cannot be replaced and it seems that he is now looking forward to once again playing more serious roles. This new Broadway venture will once again showcase his incredible acting and singing abilities. A total of one hundred and fifty dances/musicians will be playing in this version of the play with Mr. Jackman standing as the lead.

Those who want to see this Broadway show will either have to be in Australia or await for the potential Blu-ray/DVD Release. Until then everyone can enjoy Hugh Jackpot in a variety of other roles he’s played in, the most notable being the Wolverine in the X-Men & Wolverine film franchises. Any updates regarding this Broadway play can be found here.

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