Matthew Broderick Joins Sylvia

Matthew Broderick Joins Sylvia

Matthew Broderick, most famous for his role as Ferris Bueller back in 1986 has yet again joined around Broadway show. This isn’t surprising as the actor is famous on Broadway, he is a two time Tony winner and he appeared in Broadways “It’s Only a Play” last year. This time around he has joined in on “Sylvia”, another comedy based play that’ll be opening in October, 2015.

Matthew Broderick

Broderick is going to playing an owner of a dog who is in the middle of a mid-life crisis. Not sure what to do with himself he joins a project that is closely associated the dog owners wife. Sarah Jessica Parker will also be playing alongside him and this show is already getting a lot of buzz around Broadway. Comedy is becoming more of a hit in Broadway, more plays are popping out that focus on comedic tales that don’t require that viewers have to be so serious in order to watch. This’ll surely continue to bring in a new crowd of fans with each passing comedic play to the point that Broadway will be entirely different.

As of this point there is no rehearsals of this play nor are any pre-reviews available so there is no guarantee that it’ll be a good show but it more than likely will be due to the fact that Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker have both signed on. The previews for the show will begin on October 2nd, these shows being for the media and famous while the public show will start on October 27th.

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