Money Being Raised for Old Broadway Theatre

Money Being Raised for Old Broadway Theatre

The Old Broadway Theatre, located in Western New York has been abandoned for years upon years. This is due to the fact that everyone prefers where the near Broadway is by time square. This unfortunately means that these treasured buildings could eventually be torn down to make way for shopping centers, parking lots or offices. This isn’t the plan for the “Western New York Minority Media Professionals Group” though as they’ve been holding dozens of fundraisers in order to purchase a number of the old Broadway buildings before their destruction comes.

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The Real Estate Director at WNYMM stated that they just don’t plan on turning these old Broadway buildings into some pathetic movie theatres. They’ll be using them to hold various live theatrical performances, social events during the evening, weddings, concerts, fashion shows and more. As of right now this group has been quoted at a $7 Million cost in order to repair the Old Broadway Theatre alone. The goal has almost been completed as well and the director believes that by the end of August they’ll have enough money to purchase this building. This is incredible as it’s due for destruction May, 2016. The WNYMM believes that it’ll take anywhere from twelve to eighteen months in order to repair the theatre. Throughout those months fundraisers will continue in hopes of being able to buy up all of Old Broadway Street.

If any additional information comes to light regarding the Old Broadway Theatre we will then update this story.

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