NYC Broadway Shuts Down!

NYC Broadway Shuts Down!

New York City Broadway, one of the most famous Broadway’s in all of the globe had to unfortunately be shut down due to the extreme blizzard which has fallen over the East Coast. The Broadway League announced on the 23rd of January, 2016 that they have to cancel all Broadway shows for the week due to the extreme snow hazards.

Those whom ventured NYC right now would find a somewhat barren wasteland, one that’d you’d see in the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”, there is no traffic and hardly anyone is roaming the streets. Those whom do are truly met with rough winter conditions, it does make for an awe inspiring experience none the less.

NYC Broadway

The Broadway League’s statement read as follows, “There has been a ban placed on traveling in NYC, a suspension in public transportation that’s been put into effect by government authorities & multiple safety precautions have been implemented due to this severe blizzard. As a result of these combining factors, we best feel it’s in our duty to shut down all Broadway shows this evening & this week until all suspensions have been lifted in order to ensure the safety of our loyal customers.”

It would’ve been incredibly hard for anyone to attend this event anyways, anyone whom choose to do so would’ve had to walk possible miles through the dense snow in order to see the actors take the stage. Possible casualties could’ve taken place as well. Luckily none of this has happened, Snowmaggedon isn’t finished yet so it will be a few days before Broadway re-opens.