Of Mice and Men- Emotional and Well Performed

It’s never easy adapting a literary classic for the stage. It’s more difficult to portray beloved literary characters in a way that would still be emotional for those who have read the book. Of Mice and Men, which opened on the 19th of March, has succeeded on both the fronts. It’s a wonderful stage adaptation of one of the best American novels of all times, and  Chris O’Dowd and James Franco manage to tug heartstrings with no effort at all.


Franco and O’Dowd made their Broadway debut as George Milton and Lennie Small in the Broadway adaptation of John Steinbeck’s popular novel. The play also stars Leighton Meester, of Gossip Girls fame, as Curly, the flirtatious wife who brings about Lennie’s downfall. Anna Shapiro also does a wonderful job as the director.


The best part about Of Mice and Men is the fact that it’s a sum of parts. It works because it gets all the little things right. The actors hit it right on the nail, the direction is simply effortless, and the sets are terribly authentic. Looking at the set, you will certainly believe that you are living during the Great Depression, right next to the ranch.


Chris O’Dowd is certainly the star of the show. From the moment he steps on the stage, he IS  Lennie. He manages to do his part as the big, clumsy, lovable idiot wonderfully. Franco’s ability to showcase George’s emotional turmoil regarding Lennie is heart wrenching. It’s no surprise that the show did so well in the box office- opening at $688,832. The cast and crew of the play were pleasantly surprised about the strong opening- I’m most certainly not. It is one of the strongest plays of the season, and hopefully, will get the recognition it deserves during the Tony nominations.


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