There’s something about Broadway

There’s something about Broadway

When I was 7, my mother took me to watch the Lion King. It was probably the most awe-inspiring moment of my childhood. I had been to Disneyland, but that was nothing compared to what I felt during Lion King. My mother was an aspiring actress and I literally grew up watching Broadway musicals the way other children watched cartoons. And that has made me the person I am.


There are people who like Broadway- they will occasionally watch plays, or musicals, if they find the cast appealing, or if the play has been deemed amazing. And then, there are people who watch every single play or musical that graces these stages. To those, Broadway is not a form of entertainment, it is a calling.


I’ve always felt that there is something almost religious about my love for Broadway. As I said, my mom was an aspiring actress. She wanted to me to take to acting as well. But when you are born with a face that is as straight as cardboard, that is not an option. But I loved the stage. I loved the sets, the lights, the moment the spotlight came on. It was when I was watching Julie Andrews play Victoria Grant in Victor/Victoria that I realized that I will not give up the stage just because I could not act. So, what? I still knew how to observe, and I could write compellingly.


Those who can’t act, write about acting. And I chose to do that. I decided to spread my knowledge of the stage, and the plays that are being put up on them, so that I can get more people to love what I cherish so. I decided that I would make Broadway more accessible- nobody should be left out of the magic. That’s what drives me, to date.


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