Top Grossing Broadway Musicals

The theatre industry produces some mind boggling figures and is a testament to the musicals of just how global the audiences have become.

The Lion King is currently the top grossing musical of all times and have earned $6.2 billion globally. This shows just how much the Walt Disney Company continues to contribute to the musical Broadway musical business.

The Phantom of the Opera takes second place with a Broadway Gross of &975.07 million since their opening in 1988 and is still running. This is an Andre Lloyd Webber musical that depicts the disfigured genius of music, haunting the catacombs beneath the Opera house in Paris and takes control over the lovely soprano.


Wicked has grossed $867.12 million since its opening in 2003, the show is still running and tells the story of unlikely friends who meets in the Land of Oz and becomes the Wicked witches.

Grossing $588.79 million is the show Mamma Mia that opened in 2001 and is also still running. Audiences loves the story of a young woman who wants to invite the father she has never met to her wedding and discovers she actually have 3 possible choices. The musical features the music of Abba.

Opening in 1996, Chicago gross $504.75 million and is still running with Roxie Hart that murders her unfaithful lover and then finds herself competing in jail with fellow murderess Velma for the best lawyer.

Coming in strong with $472.50 million is Jersey Boys, this show started in 2005. The show chronicles the rise, fall and creation of the 1960’s rock ’n roll quartet. The Four Seasons accompanied by the golden oldies hit parade features each member of the band to recount his own season and section.

Beauty and the Beast is a beautiful story of a young woman who takes the place of her father who is in the prison of the castle, the beast is a cursed prince and she teaches him to be respectful and courteous and they end up falling in love. This show has a Broadway gross of $429.16 million and started in 1994.

Eight highest gross of $406.26 million belongs to Les Misérables that started in 1987. The show entertains audiences with the story of a relentless policeman called Javert that pursues Jean Valjean, a convict who has escaped and became a mayor. As mayor he agrees to raise a dying prostitute’s daughter and joins the fight for freedom.

If you were waiting for Cats, it does indeed takes the number 9 spot with a gross of $366.38 million. With a fantastic play that focuses on a group of cats prowling in the junkyard, this play entertain with the fight for honour with nine lives in this Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

At number 10 features Mary Poppins, based on the books by P L Travers and the classical Disney film. The Banks family lives completely changes when Mary Poppins arrives and become the nanny at their London home.

It all started with the Beauty and the Beast, which was Disney created as a new musical classic for children, then it extended the brand onto the stage. The restoration of the New Amsterdam Theatre took place when Disney took it over in 1993 and contributed to a major clean-up operation of the New York Times Square under Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.