Woody Allen misses the mark with “Bullets Over Broadway”

Woody Allen misses the mark with “Bullets Over Broadway”

Woody Allen’s comedy is something unique. It’s not too easy to interpret. If “Bullets Over Broadway- The Musical” is any proof, even Woody Allen himself struggles with his own scripts. Bullets over Broadway opened on the 10th of April, at the St James Theater and it has been unanimously slammed by critics and theater-goers alike.

Bullets Over Broadway has all the makings of a wonderful musical. It’s got Woody Allen, Susan Stroman, Zach Braff- all big names. But the play itself leaves a bad taste in the mouth. When Allen’s movie (of the same name) released in 1994, it was regarded as a light-hearted comedy. The movie showcased everything Allen has become popular for, as a director. Allen’s humor might not appeal to everybody, but at least it is well defined. At least, that’s what one would expect until they walked into St James Theater, and endured this play for the next three hours.


The biggest problem with Bullets Over Broadway is the fact that it suffers from identity crisis. It’s based on a light-hearted movie, and it does it’s best to be charming and comedic. But there is an underlying layer of drama and tension that one associates with Broadway, but not with Allen’s work. And it’s that underlying layer that proves to be the undoing of this play.


It’s rather surprising that the musical does not have a single original score- all the music used in the play is from the ’20s. The music and choreography are beautifully handled- Stroman has one her best. The happy, foot-tapping dance bits are probably the best parts of the play. But besides that, the play does not have much going for it. Braff’s acting is passable, at best; and the entire production seems just a little too over the top.


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